Assurance. Advisory. Training.
Enhanced financial reporting and state-of-the-art corporate governance are the nutshell of our expertise and the core of the guidance we can provide.


Audits in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) or other generally accepted auditing standards;

Reviews in accordance with International Standards on Review Engagement (ISREs);

Compilation of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or other recognized accounting standards (US or UK GAAP);

Agreed upon procedures (ISRS4400);

Compliance audits.


Training in International Financial Standards IFRS, Romanian (Statutory) Accounting Standards (RAS);

Open courses.


Financial and accounting reviews;

Finance, accounting and regulatory consulting, including:

  • Assistance in adapting internal performance management process in order to better support business requirements;
  • Assessment of current standards applied to finance control, processes and systems and their mapping to best practices (“gap analysis”)
  • “Hard close”- assistance with closing and /or consolidation process

Internal control and risk management including:

  •  Implementation of financial accounting management systems,
  •  Implementation of internal control and audit systems
  •  Cash flow optimization

Due diligence

Compliance with regulations and standards, including:

  • Review of corporate governance model, including board policies and charters, delegations and limits, board reporting and governance benchmarking,
  • Assistance in the compilation process;
  • Risk and internal control system assessment;
  • Assistance in monitoring internal reporting process;

Reporting and performance management systems, including:

  •  Assistance in developing and/or implementing business plans
  • Independent business review
  • Assistance in setting future performance expectations, creating standards, disciplines and governance around data, generated by and used at any level within organization.