Welcome to Finesenza

the senior partner of businesses that choose to grow wisely and sustainably


Our vision is to act as a senior and reliable business partner for Romanian entrepreneurships and corporations that choose to grow wisely and sustainably. Enhanced, high quality financial reporting and state-of-the-art corporate governance are momentous for robust business decisions and vital for this kind of growth. They are the nutshell of our expertise and the core of the guidance we can provide.


We combine in our business approach the best of both worlds: senior expertise on financial reporting with flexible attitude towards the optimization of company’s resources to reflect accurately the reality of the business. For a good balance of interests of all its shareholders and stakeholders.


Corina Chiorean
Grup 7

What brought us together in our first partnership was Adriana’s pragmatism and solution oriented mindset. She helped me with my challenges throughout my CFO career in different industries as I always felt that I could trust her specialized expertise. A special mention I would make about her work methodology, her visionary inputs and the way she inspires people to find long term solutions for their sustainable businesses.

Romeo Cucu

I’ve been working with Adriana for 6 years as a Noriel CFO, while she was our Deloitte audit partner. During our collaboration I felt Adriana very client oriented and with a deep and rapid understanding of our business needs. She helped up finish our due diligence process with potential buyers within very short deadlines.

Osama Al Halabi
Electroputere Craiova

What I remember about Adriana is her passion towards her work. She is always well connected to her projects and people she is working with. It was a joy to work with Adriana; and I trust that our paths will cross again.

Ulise Blaj

There are several aspects I appreciate when working with Mrs. Lobda: first of all her being present and involved in all key aspects of a project and monitoring of the activities. Secondly her professional approach and impeccable etiquette during the projects.

She is definitely a leader who built a strong team and a brand in Cluj.

Iuliana Hutan

I rather prefer an enumeration, eloquent for Adriana’s personality: punctuality, seriousness, trustworthy partner, long-term partnership, quality of service offered at maximum odds compared to the competition. What makes the difference is the right balance between her attention to details and their relevance in the circumstances.

Florin Sava

Adriana Lobda is a highly skilled professional with an in depth expertise that she is always willing to share openly. She is a self-reliant multi-tasking person, able to take quick decisions towards solving big, strategic problems. Last but not least, she proved to be a great leader for her team and an inspiring mentor for all of us.

Angela Ene
AAI (Association of Independent Administrators)

“You want to always be in the same team with Adriana because of her high level professionalism and her true heart”

Ileana Botez
Women on Board Network

I had the opportunity to work with Adriana in different projects organized by the associations in which we are both involved – PWN Romania and the Association of Independent Administrators – and I watched with great interest the excellent interventions in the events or a series of seminars she has sustained.

As always, I come to the same conclusion:  she has a continuous desire to evolve, doubled by a high level of competence and professionalism in everything shoes does.

Apart being and audit expert, Adriana is a trusted person everyone would like to have as a friend, a collaborator, or as a business partner.

Anca David

Adriana is one of the most trustworthy persons I ever worked with, and this is not an exaggeration. Her analytical mind and the ability to work under pressure transform any project in which she is involved in a success. She is not afraid of hard work and high performance.

She is energetic, determined, she possesses an analytical mind but in the same time a great capacity to synthesise and go the essence of things.

Knowing Adriana, Finesenza is now is my ideal business partner which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to lead the business to the next level.

Alina Prahoveanu
Arcelor Mittal

First time I met Adriana was during an audit closing meeting where I put on the table all my arguments during my speech. I remember I was surprised by the way she listened thoroughly my speech in an appearance of approval. On her turn, instead she raised the most difficult questions, providing accurately answers that nailed down key issues. I began to trust her valuable thinking and I was never wrong.

Adriana founded Finesenza now and the collaboration with her proved to be again a good choice.

Dan Lazarescu
Canah International

I highly appreciate the way she understands and challenges financial results, from both perspectives: the business model and the industry specifics